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November 2007

Chrystl Rijkeboer

‘Family ties’

‘Family ties’ is a photo -project about the bond between parents and their children and the unconditionality that this relationship implies. You can choose your friends, but your can’t choose your family: your family is there!
You just have to deal with them, both ways. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But there is this incredible bond within a family. Especially the blood link between parents and children is unconditional, whatever happens.
Feelings like love versus hate and attraction versus rejection are constantly there and about.
When a child develops in a normal and healthy way it will turn it’s back to it’s parents during it’s life and go it’s own way.
With this series I want to emphasise this feeling of ‘leaving the nest’, the urge of the children to do so and the fear and non-acceptence of their parents.
Protection, attraction and rejection are the major topic.

Chrystl Rijkeboer
Smedestraat 9
201RE Haarlem
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