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Januari 2010

Maayan Ben Gal


The photos’ series of the ‘Dollhouse’ represent my idea of society’s boundaries especially when the subject of women’s stereotypes is in question. The kitsch, plastic rooms represent the superficial way of approaching and dealing with different matters in our western society.
The woman planted in those rooms has grown bigger, she does not fit the common and known boundaries she used to fit in the past, she does not fit the measurements of society anymore. The domestic surrounding no longer fits the woman’s quantity, she has developed faster than society, and she broke the boundaries of her stereotypes. She is still the mother, the housewife, the worker, the fixer; she is doing it all while society stays the same with its traditional way of thinking and approaching.

Maayan Ben Gal
Walmolen 88
1035 BP Amsterdam
06 16562497

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