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June 2007

Max Boschini


I’m a photographer who combines tradition and innovation. In fact for my work I use a reflex camera and cross processing techniques. Cross processing is a method in color photography where either negative film is processed in slide film developer, or vice versa. Photography is an absolute passion. I am fascinated by urban decay. My inspiration range from old houses, popular buildings and bare rooms. I like to create beautiful images which have a sense of decay and surrealism, but also a bit of dark side. I find inspiration in the world near my home and in my immediate environment. I’m interested in investigating things from different perspectives, angles and colors. In particular I do love color. I like overexposed photos. Doing photography is for me the result of these elements. My work is a constant evolution and interplay between color studies and conceptually based series, all of which are open to personal interpretation. I use the color studies on their own or in conjunction with the conceptual work to describe psychological states, be it mystery or surrealism.

Max Boschini
Via Pacchioni 38
46045 Marmirolo (Mn)

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