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Maart 2014

Petra Halkes




Schilderijen - Installatie

No.7 & No.8 from the series ‘So Many Suns’ (2013).

So Many Suns (2013) is a series of paintings that portray single lights. Drawing away from the dazzling cityscapes of my previous paintings, here I focus on the light bulb as the origin of the electric lightscape. This could lead to sobering thoughts, reflecting on lifestyles and use of the earth’s resources. Conversely, thoughts could go to the beauty of the light, to the mandala, the halo, the sacred circle. These lights could be taken for wonders, they could be seen as signs of wholeness so lacking in the spectacular, bewildering city at night.
While the glowing lights in my work admit to a desire for transcendence, I bring this desire down to earth by representing light through such mundane subjects as electric fixtures, and by using paint that in its very physicality undermines dreams of transcendence.

Petra Halkes
Ottawa, Canada

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