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Tea Popovic


From the series `AIRTIGHT`
In an overblown, commercialized and thereby distorted reality a few experiences, like sex for instance, still have the directness and authenticity.
There is no spin doctor to implant us the opinion of our own sexual experience, in a way it makes it a secret garden of our consciousness.
By longing to experience directly we subsequently all get back to naked reality, however ugly it might be.
My colors are toned down to a few but vibrant ones, representing an outside viewer as a biased spirit, unable to see the true colors of the happening itself, call it a voyeuristic impulse if you please…
No logo, no media, no promotion, no intrusion on someone else’s mind…Privacy and authenticity have to be restored in order to start responding to world in a non-automated, blasé, inhibited manner.

Tea Popovic
Ferdinand Bolplantsoen 18
1701NJ Heerhugowaard
072 5717474
06 13356764
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